Club Membership

Memberships are currently closed


Membership to the Bourne Gateway & Leisure Club is just £10 per year which is payable each September. A £2.50 admission is also paid at each meeting. As well as a minimum forty-six social meetings per year, your membership will also include day trips to the seaside and other places as well as seasonal meals and gifts.


Non-Members are always welcome at our social evenings and we perhaps would not recommend membership in the months leading to September. That would represent poor value for money as your new membership fee will be very shortly due again. The weekly admission for regular Non-Members is £3.00 and special events such as day trips and meals carry a small fee.


If you know somebody in a learning disabilities situation or if you yourself are, you would always be welcome to come and take a look at the club to see if you think it would be suitable. We are a very friendly team and our members all look forward to seeing each other on Club Night. Contact us any time to arrange a visit, we will put the kettle on and show you around.