Annual General Meeting 2021

Posted: 26th July 2021
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Dear Members, Carers and Volunteers,

Due to the COVID pandemic, the Annual General Meeting did not take place. All current Committee Members have been approached and wish to continue in their role for 2021/2022.

As leader in charge of the club, I have no official vote as a committee member. I therefore wish to propose all current committee members for the forthcoming year ahead and Volunteer Andrea Rich has kindly seconded the motion.

Chairman: Kate Hawkswell
Secretary: Julie Allen
Treasurer: Ann Marie Jarvis
Members representatives: Hayley Rogers, Stevon Clarke, Sheila Lovell and David Snape

The annual audit has taken place and a copy is available if you would like one.

Best wishes to you all. Keep well and stay safe.

Lesley Patrick.
Leader in Charge.
Bourne Gateway Club.

Summer Newsletter 2021

Posted: 25th July 2021
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Hello Gateway members, carers and volunteers,

I do hope you are well, happy and gradually getting the chance to take part in more everyday activities, after all we have been through since March 2020. What an unusual time for us all and you have all been good in looking after each other, being kind and keeping safe and well .

It is not possible yet to be able to tell you when Gateway Leisure Club will re-open. We must make sure you will all be very safe and secure. Some of you enjoyed the social distancing picnics at The Memorial Gardens last August in Bourne that Sheila Lovell, Rob Grant, Jan Richardson and I organized for you.

Remember, Dave Snape is continuing to offer the Gateway Club music playlist via spotify. Music lists are updated each week and can be accessed on the Gateway web site at

I will be telephoning all Gateway members again to have a chat and see how you are keeping busy and well. Do take care of each other, we are very proud of you all. With love and friendship.

Lesley Patrick and all the club volunteers.

Christmas Newsletter 2020

Posted: 4th December 2020
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Dear Gateway Club Members, Volunteers and Care Teams.

As 2020 draws into the Christmas period we are thinking about you all very much and we recognise that most people have experienced a difficult year of uncertainty. As we approach the festive season, we wanted to let you know how proud we are of you all. To our Members for their continued positivity despite many changes to daily life, to our Volunteers for your work on the internet each Monday evening to produce musical Watch Parties and to the Carers who really do glue the Gateway Club together thanks to their involvement and promoting the club within their employment.

It has been very important to us to remain dedicated to the wellbeing of our Members and to continue our work as much as the current social rules will allow. It was such a joy for us to be able to deliver pizza to each of you in the Spring and this was achieved with the amazing support of Bourne Round Table and The Catering Crew. We have very much enjoyed seeing your Facebook competition entries including Easter bonnets and paper flowers. Congratulations once again to those winners. We hope you all enjoyed taking part and getting creative. We also each received a very important and nice feeling over the Summer in hosting two socially distanced picnics in Bourne. These have been the only opportunities that we have had to catch up and meet with you and it was truly amazing to see you all smiling and having fun. Over the Summer this year we were also given a complimentary hanging basket containing some stunning flowers and this display was placed directly onto the front of the Town Hall in Bourne. Our grateful thanks go out to Matt from and Ian from Bourne Town Council for including us in this project to generally increase the number of floral displays and brightness of the town centre during this very unusual year.

Now we are approaching a brand-new year but before 2021 arrives, we would love to see your Christmas Tree and to add your decorations to our Facebook page. Please do feel free to email your photographs to Rob by 6pm on December 20th. These will be added to Facebook. Following four days of clicks, comments and Likes, at 6pm on December 24th, we will add the most popular photo to our Facebook header where it will remain in place for the 12 days of Christmas. To obtain Rob’s email address please send a Direct Message to the Gateway Facebook Inbox or contact Lesley.

Thank you all very much for your continued support. We miss you all very much and we are very excited at the future prospect of reopening the club to resume our regular good fun disco evenings. Until then, look after each other, keep spreading that positivity and keep smiling. We will do the same and we will hope to see you soon.

Merry Christmas Everybody, lots of Love.

The Bourne Gateway & Leisure Club Committee.

Historical Articles

We will be adding historical news stories, letters from Lesley and updates from the Gateway Committee over the next few weeks.