Volunteer Information

What's it all about

We are always looking for additional staff to assist with our weekly disco and social club in Bourne, Lincolnshire. Anybody aged 16+ is welcome to enquire and we have lots to offer you. For teenagers and school leavers we have been a great way to earn a work reference for the time you may be thinking about your first job applications and we can help those who are a part of the Duke Of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

The work we undertake is not extensive. Each of our club members have specfic requirements relating to their care which have to be understood as much where possible. The vast majority though, they do attend the club with their own care staff. It is our job to ensure a safe environment and happy atmosphere. There is some physical work which includes the setting up of tables and chairs.

We would also like to find Volunteers to assist with our Facebook content by making a page maximum of two posts per day. There is a criteria as to the types of post that are made and we can let you know all about this.

Volunteer Training

We will train you piece by piece to have the confidence and knowledge to fully operate our weekly club but all at your own pace. It's a very short course and you would be most welcome to complete as many sections of it as you please. It will see you operate sections of the club in order to earn your Gateway t-shirt. This will include running the kitchen (which is only used for tea and coffee), running the snack shop and, your very first task, setting up and packing away the tables and chairs. Once you have reached this stage your shirt is earned and just two more tasks remain, these are again at your convenience. The first task will be to check-in members and non-members on arrival and collect their subs money. The second is to use our mic to call out the weekly rafle prizes and give any Birthday announcements including card presentations and making it as much fun as possible...OK breathe! We have fun and we want you to have fun too.

Benefits of the role

As a volunteer you will be entitled to accompany us on day trips and for our seasonal meals such as Christmas Dinner. These events are free of charge. There are other more personal rewards to be gained too. For example, the inherrent good feeling and satisfaction gained from giving a little bit of yourself to the Bourne community. All of our volunteers have noticed how great it feels to be adding something very valuable. It is hard to describe but a bit like getting personally blessed for being selfless.

As an additional bonus, we have also found that social care organisations in our area are very willing to talk to young people about employment following their experience with our club. You do not have to be a teenager in order to volunteer with us, our staff span a huge age range.


If you are interested or if you have any questions please do contact us using the email form or via social media. We are very happy for you to call in and pay us a visit in order to get a better view of what our club is all about. We have a lot of fun and, without exaggeration, it's the liveliest dance floor in town!